Full-Time Faculty Position Announcement Graduate Institute of Biotechnology National Chung-Hsing University 1. Position: One Assistant Professor or higher, starting February 1, 2020 2. Requirements: (1) A Ph.D. degree in biotechnology-related fields (especially in plant or microbial technology), practical experiences in biotechnological industries preferred (2) At least two years (up to the starting date) of work experience in postdoctoral or related studies (3) Competency in international cooperation/service and joint courses of the Institute and the College lectured in English and Chinese (4) Passion in teaching, with high potential in research (Qualified candidates are expected to deliver presentations in English in interviews.) 3. Documents required: 3A. Please prepare a single file in PDF format containing the required documents in the following order: (1) Comprehensive curriculum vitae including a list of research works published in SCI journals within the past 7 years (papers in PDF should be also included) (2) Abstract of the Ph.D. dissertation (3) A copy of the Ph.D. diploma (4) A copy of ID or passport. A copy of certificate of professorship certified by Ministry of Education, ROC (optional) (6) Course syllabi or teaching plans for two subjects (three credit hours for each) (7) Research proposals or projects for next three years (up to 50 pages). (8) Other relevant supporting materials such as proof of previous academic employment 3B. Three recommendation letters sent directly to mmhnchu@gmail.com, or a list of contact information of at least three referees. 4. Starting Date: February 1, 2020 5. Application deadline: Documents must be sent to mmhnchu@gmail.com before March 31, 2019. 6. Contact information: Correspondent: Ms. Li-Ling Chen Email: agtech@nchu.edu.tw Phone: 011-886-4-22840328 ext. 811; Fax: 011-886-4-22853527 7. Please retain a copy of all of your profile documents. All application materials will not be returned to the applicants upon receiving. 8. All personal documents are used only for the evaluation process by the Recruitment Committee, as regulated by Personal Data Protection Act. All documents will not be used for any other purposes without the consent of the applicants.