Compulsory courses

Special Topics in Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
Special Topics in Biotechnology (Ph.D.)
Dissertation for PhD degree

Elective courses

Methods in Molecular Biology (Workshop)
Molecular and Developmental Biology
Plant Genomics
Plant Gene Cloning Techniques Workshop
Molecular Virology
RNA Structure and Function
Introductory to Bioinformatics
Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
The Practice of Patent Application
The Practice of Patent Licensing

Minimal requirements for PhD drgree

  1. Duration: 2-7 years
  2. Minimal credits: 30, including 18 credits  earned from taking courses and 12 credits from completing thesis
  3. Compulsory courses:
    Special topics in Biochemistry (3 credits)
    Special topics in Biotechnology (3 credits)
    Seminar 3 (2 credits, one for each semester of the first year)
    Seminar 4 (12 credits, one for each semester of the second year)
    Dissertation (12 credits)
  4. Grade of a course must be ≥70 to be considered earning the credits
  5. Students must pass the two compulsory special topic courses by the end of the 4th academic year and the qualification examine by the end of the 5th year