The core of the curriculum for the Master program consists of four compulsory courses. <<Principle and Techniques in Molecular Biology>> introduces the keystone technologies that lead to the prosperous development of contemporary molecular biology.<<Biotechnology>> describes the application of biotechnology in medicine, agriculture, commodity industry, and environment protection, focusing on the historical paths of various researches and developments. <<Seminar>> is a training course for students’ logical thinking and oral presentation. <<Thesis for Master Degree>> nurtures students’ ability to carry out biotechnology-related experiments and write scientific reports. On the other hand, selected courses are for the complementary purpose. There is a group of selected courses aiming to provide students basic knowledge and platform technologies, strengthening students’ ability to perform R&D works. The second group of selected courses relates the expertise of the faculty such as the courses regarding pathogen-host interaction and plant molecular development. Another group of selected courses is to prepare students for career development in industrial sector. The topics of this group include intellectual properties and technology management.  

The curriculum for the Ph.D. program consists of four compulsory courses and the same set of selected courses as the Master Program. <<Special Topics in Biochemistry>> and <<Special Topics in Biotechnology>> are carried out by group discussion format. In general, the class includes 5-8 teachers and the students enrolled. Each student will be given 1-2 advisors. The student will choose or be assigned a biochemistry- or biotechnology-related issue. After intensively reviewing the literature and discussion with the advisors, the student will deliver the background, the concept, the methods, and the results in the class. Thorough and challenging discussions are anticipated. The students attending <<Special Topics in Biotechnology>> will also learn how to write a grant proposal. <<Seminar>> and <<Thesis for Doctoral Degree>> are the advanced versions of their counterparts in the curriculum for the Master program.